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So why join Headstart?
Our slogan is unlocking financial freedom
and we have aligned our work to achieve this vision.

Training that is affordable and effective

Earn as you learn. Our software and clever strategies help you earn from the start. Our mentors help you keep on track and learn with every practical step.

All our classes are now online which means that they
have become accessible to anyone and learning
can be done at the traders convenience.

The trader only needs to fund their live trading account with our chosen broker and they can begin our online course. The 5day online course, trading strategies and mentorship are free.

Our new packages are as follows:

  • 2 month free signals.
  • 2 month of trade setups.
  • 2 month access to online course.
  • 3 month free signals.
  • 3 month of trade setups.
  • 3 month access to online course.
  • 1 month free signals.
  • 1 month of trade setups.
  • 1 month access to online course.

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Risk Disclosure:
Trading forex is highly risky and may include loss of more than your invested capital.
Never trade money you can’t afford to lose


"Before joining the Headstart Academy I thought very little about Forex, in fact I saw it as just another ponzi scheme but joining Headstart really changed my life. Now I am financially free & able."

Mdu - Student

"Empowerment, its the reason I launched Headstart. I had a strong desire to see my people benefitting from trading in financial markets."

Landu Mthembu - Headstart FX Strategist

"Joining Headstart was one of the best decisions I made. A young, vibrant and very helpful team. Most importantly, truly humble."

Sihle - Student