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Trade Smart Forex Trading Basics

Your Forex Trading Questions Answered

Forex Golden Rules

study-stock-trading-durban-johannesburgForex /FX Trading is an abbreviation that stands for foreign exchange trading, a highly popular method of trading click on link to download the FOREX GOLDEN RULES

Forex Tips

Forex trading works is based on a simple concept of pairing currencies –

click on link to download 20 TRADING TIPS

Difference between Regulated vs Unregulated Forex brokers
  • Regulated Forex Brokers have to operate in a manner that complies with the regulations that are set down by the Regulator.
  • Regulated broker must be licensed and registered in a country where the business has its base.
  • This licensing bounds the broker to meet the standards of the regulator.
  • Regulated brokers are audited on a regular basis
  • Regulated brokers are obliged to keep available sufficient funds to complete forex transactions.
  • They also must keep enough to pay back the clients funds in case of liquidation.

The non-regulated brokers have no such obligation with any regulators

The non-regulated brokers have no obligation or bounds in the country they are operating in.

The non-regulated broker is not subject to audits and doesn’t need to keep reserves of client funds


This doesn’t mean that all unregulated brokers are dodgy but to protect yourself it is always better to deal with a regulated forex broker.


Trade Smart.

Get the right knowledge and don’t get scammed.

Be prepared, do your due diligence

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Give yourself the best chance at success when trading, it pays to ensure that you’re on top of the factors that can have an effect on exchange rates, including the type of events that have proven important in the past as well as with current trends.